Hi! we are the MeDoFi team! Thanks for stopping by.


MeDoFi has brought together a team of like-minded ambitious guys and gals to launch a tech company in the Philadelphia area that will change the way people communicate! The business was inspired by the frustration we all have with the constant barrage of emails and messages at work and away from work. The lack of communication structure has created redundancy and unnecessary information overload. Important messages and deadlines are being missed by too many, this creates more unnecessary work for everyone involved.

MeDoFi offers a simple and unique solution that was and still is being created/updated by administrators and end users coming together. Unlike other solutions out there that were not created with the user in mind, we made the user experience our priority. We LOVE feedback. Please help us improve our product and contact us with feedback.

The name MeDoFi comes from a shortened version of Messages/ToDo/Files. We are NOT that creative! But fell in love with the name. To us it stands for fun, loving, innovative, team, efficient, collaborative, and open minded! We believe optimized communication, made simple for the users, will allow everyone more time to do great things. And that’s all we want, to make a little dent in this world! Thank you for reading!